Breaking News-What were they thinking???


Lord help us all!!

As I posted earlier, the Sheriff requested a meeting to get a new public safety millage on the ballot.  The meeting was scheduled for today, February 10th at 5PM.  I had criticized the county for waiting until the last minute to do this-as today was the deadline for getting this on the ballot.  They could have done this weeks ago instead of waiting until the last possible day…

Here’s what state law (MCL 168.646a) has to say about ballot proposal deadlines:

(2) If a local, school district, or county ballot question is to be voted on at a regular election date or special election, the ballot wording of the ballot question shall be certified to the local or county clerk not later than 4 p.m. on the twelfth Tuesday before the election. If the wording is certified to a clerk other than the county clerk, the clerk shall certify the ballot wording to the county clerk at least 82 days before the election. Petitions to place a county or local ballot question on the ballot at the election shall be filed with the clerk at least 14 days before the date the ballot wording must be certified to the local clerk.

They missed the deadline!  There will be no public safety millage because an entire room full of elected officials didn’t realize that this had to be done by 4PM!  

Again, I make my appeal to every person in this county-Please run for a county position next election!  I don’t care if you have any experience or not: If you are a successful human being with a good job and benefits, you’ll have my vote!!!!

Email Me Anytime

Email Me Anytime


3 thoughts on “Breaking News-What were they thinking???

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