The Naughty List [Updated]


As I start this article I want you to know that we now have 4 very good commissioners who are fighting everyday to try to fix the issues within our county and get cops back on the road.  Unfortunately, they seem to face constant obstruction from a few other commissioners and elected officials.  Everything that you are about to read has been posted at some point or another on this site.  I’ve just compiled it in one place for the first time!

I’ve been fighting hard to save our road patrol for more than 4 months now, and have been slowly forming opinions about each individual commissioner.  Whenever possible I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they prove me right.  Instead the three folks below have, in my opinion, done everything that they can to obstruct our efforts to get cops back on the road.  This week, the three of them voted to keep their pensions, even though we can’t afford to put cops on the road.  Let’s meet them, shall we…

John Plowman


Represents: Perry and Woodhull Townships and Perry City

Phone Number: 517-625-4545


Jeff Bartz


Represents: Bennington, Owosso Pct. III, Sciota Townships, City of Laingsburg and City of Owosso Pct. 6-1

Phone Number: 517-625-5554


John Horvath


To be honest John almost didn’t make this list-Until he voted to keep his pension.

Represents: City of Owosso

Phone: 989-627-1962


As you can see, if you’d like to run for county commission, I’ve just written your “why you should vote for me instead of him” speech.  Now I ask all of you to spread the word, tell your friends what their commissioners are doing.  Encourage anyone that you know in these areas to run for county commission!  We have a year and a half to do this, so let’s start now!

If you are a commissioner that’s made the Naughty List-it’s not to late to change!  Give up your pension, open up the budget and get cops on the road.  If you do that, I’ll be happy to remove you from the naughty list.  Remember-even the Grinch can grow a heart!


If your commissioner isn’t on this list, please know that they are doing a good job representing you and trying to fix the dysfunction that has overtaken this county.  To everyone reading this: I need your help-ignoring the issues going on in the county will only lead to more cuts to services and higher taxes for you!  To quote Dr. Seuss one more time:


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