Commissioners Healthcare goes away!


The Durand Independent and Argus press report that Shiawassee County ended one form of welfare this week when our commissioners voted to eliminate their own healthcare!  This brings us one step closer to getting folks into office who are there for the right reasons!

Three people voted to keep their healthcare: Jeff Bartz, John Plowman, and John Horvath.  Commissioner Bartz was quite offended by this and said the following:

By passing this, three people are going to take a cut.

Furthermore Bartz stated that:

Mr Schneider, Mr. Holzhausen, this isn’t going to affect you at all; you’re losing nothing with this deal.  This is just a vendetta to take away from some of the other commissioners.

This sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it.  I stood before the entire commission and asked them how they could justify cutting FOUR times more from the sheriff’s budget than anyone else’s.  Seems like the shoe has landed on the other foot, doesn’t it Mr. Bartz?

I should point out that Gary Holzhausen does not accept county insurance and instead choose to pay for his healthcare out of his own pocket.  Thanks Gary!  Hartmann Aue does not accept any benefits and donates his pay to local organizations.  Thanks Hartmann!

To be clear, I believe that Bartz, Plowman, and Horvath are far worse than welfare recipients.  They truly believe that they DESERVE these benefits while we decide that we don’t deserve public safety.  They are the wrong people for the job, and are here for the wrong reasons.  If they’re not wise enough to realize that their free ride is over, we will show them when elections roll around in 2017.

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A Great Infographic

Hartmann Aue, the new chairman of the board for Shiawassee County posted this on both his facebook and twitter site:


Brought to you by board chair Harmann Aue.

This week the Board of Commissioners will once again take up the issue of eliminating pensions and healthcare for themselves.  Last time this came up, the following commissioners choose greed instead of common sense, voting against it:

  • John Plowman
  • Jeff Bartz
  • John Horvath

These three honestly seem to think that they deserve our money more than we deserve police protection.

In addition former commissioner Bob McLaren came to their defense stating that this would only save about $100/month.  He was either WAY off, or lying.  You be the judge.  Let’s make sure that former commissioner McLaren remains a former commissioner for a long, long time!  The free ride is over!

I think my letter to the editor that appeared in the Argus-Press sums it up best:

Last week, commissioners Plowman, Bartz, and Horvath voted
against eliminating their own pensions and healthcare benefits.
Currently these commissioners receive pensions, healthcare,
dental, vision, mileage, and a monthly salary for their part time
jobs.  I find it disturbing that the same three commissioners
who voted to eliminate our road patrol because they “couldn’t
afford it” feel entitled to pensions and benefits.  The
commissioners health, dental, and vision benefits are budgeted
to cost the taxpayers of this county $40,583 this year.  Mr.
Plowman feels that he deserves these benefits because “this job
is every day” and that we should consider him more of an
“elected official” than “part-time”.   I would respond to Mr.
Plowman by saying that many citizens in this county work every
day for part time pay and no benefits whatsoever.  He deserves
nothing from the people of this county, and should only be in
office because he wants to make Shiawassee County a better
place.  Mr. Plowman: As as citizen/taxpayer of Shiawassee
County, do you know what I feel entitled to?  PUBLIC SAFETY!
Unfortunately you’ve chosen to prioritize your pension and
healthcare over that fundamental government obligation.  That
is inexcusable, and has made it obvious to the voters of this
county that commissioner Plowman, Horvath, and Bartz are not
here for the right reasons.  If you would like benefits, please do
the taxpayers of this county a favor and get a real job.

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Sheriff files complaint against clerk?

As you probably know, on February 10th, the county missed their deadline to submit a public safety millage.  The county clerk, Lauri Braid, took responsibility for this issue and apologized.

I have not yet been able to confirm this, but my sources now tell me that the Sheriff has filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney Generals office on the issue.  

None of this really makes sense to me:

  • Why would the clerk want to sabotage a millage attempt?  She is a full time elected official who probably wants to keep her job.  Also, her job would be easier if the millage passed as she wouldn’t have to deal with folks like me.
  • What is the point of the alleged complaint?  What will it accomplish?
  • Perhaps my FOIA requests are starting to make folks nervous?

I’ll update this post as I learn more.  Meanwhile if you know something, feel free to share.  I’ll make sure that you remain anonymous.

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