Commissioners Healthcare goes away!


The Durand Independent and Argus press report that Shiawassee County ended one form of welfare this week when our commissioners voted to eliminate their own healthcare!  This brings us one step closer to getting folks into office who are there for the right reasons!

Three people voted to keep their healthcare: Jeff Bartz, John Plowman, and John Horvath.  Commissioner Bartz was quite offended by this and said the following:

By passing this, three people are going to take a cut.

Furthermore Bartz stated that:

Mr Schneider, Mr. Holzhausen, this isn’t going to affect you at all; you’re losing nothing with this deal.  This is just a vendetta to take away from some of the other commissioners.

This sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it.  I stood before the entire commission and asked them how they could justify cutting FOUR times more from the sheriff’s budget than anyone else’s.  Seems like the shoe has landed on the other foot, doesn’t it Mr. Bartz?

I should point out that Gary Holzhausen does not accept county insurance and instead choose to pay for his healthcare out of his own pocket.  Thanks Gary!  Hartmann Aue does not accept any benefits and donates his pay to local organizations.  Thanks Hartmann!

To be clear, I believe that Bartz, Plowman, and Horvath are far worse than welfare recipients.  They truly believe that they DESERVE these benefits while we decide that we don’t deserve public safety.  They are the wrong people for the job, and are here for the wrong reasons.  If they’re not wise enough to realize that their free ride is over, we will show them when elections roll around in 2017.

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