Plowman tries to use “facts” again

9In this weeks independent John Plowman tried to use “facts” to explain why he would like to raise your phone bill by more than $14.64/phone/year.  (Seriously-he really want’s to do this!)    Here is the article:BOCArticleLet’s look at a few of Mr. Plowman’s “facts”:

John Plowman further explained the need for the increase, which would raise the county’s 9-1-1 surcharge from $1.22 per month per phone line to $2.65 per month per telephone line.  He said the combination of diminished use of land lines, the counties decreasing population, and increased operating and and equipment expenses have forced this move.

Let’s take these “facts” one at a time:

This is caused by diminished land line use.  FALSE!  This has NOTHING to do with diminished use as it applies to ALL phones including all of your cell phones.  According to the CTIA, the Cellular Trade Industry Association:

  • 90% of American homes have cell phones.
  • 39% are wireless only.
  • 16% are wireless mostly.
  • As of 2011 there are more cell phones than people in this country.

Ask yourself.  Do you have more phones, or less than you did 20 years ago?  This definitely isn’t caused by less phones. Trying to blame landlines is a lame excuse.

This is caused by the counties decreasing population.  Mostly FALSE!  According to US Census Bureau the County’s population decreased by 2.4% between 2010 and 2014.  By this logic our bills should be increasing by around 2.4 percent, right?  WRONG!  Plowman wants to increase it by Two Hundred and Seventeen Percent!!!

Increased operating and and equipment expenses have forced this move.  TRUE!  They totally just want to spend more of our money.

Everything that Mr. Plowman says may sound like a fact, but just remember the old adage:

Know how to tell politicians are lying?

Their lips are moving.

Until transparency is provided regarding:

  • How current money is being spent
  • How future money is going to be spent
  • Who is going to monitor and audit this spending
  • How the heck they can justify raising the your phone bill by more then $14 per phone




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