[Updated] Opinion-Just Vote No

[Update-The county was required to either seek a renewal on our current operating millage (approved in 1996 for 20 years), or create a committee to determine our new operating millage.  This is required by law under MCL 211.]

A couple of interesting things have happened in Shiawassee County:

  1. Hartmann Aue was re-elected to chair the county commission.  In my opinion this is a good thing, however this time he was elected by the bad guys who voted to eliminate our road patrol.
  2. Hartmann appointed John Plowman, the same man who designed the budget that eliminated our road patrol, to once again chair the finance committee!  Plowman has a history of stating things as fact which end up being either false, or severely exaggerated.  (Some people might call that a lie, and Plowman a liar.)   You can see some of his previous handy work herehere, here, and here.
  3. The commission hastily created a committee whose only job was to determine how much they should try to raise our taxes this year.  Why?  Because that way the commission didn’t raise your taxes, these (scapegoats) folks did.  Do I think this committee was given access to the detailed records that they needed to make their recommendations-No.  Do I think they were provided the “whole truth” about how our county spends our tax dollars-No.  Do I think they were rushed to make this decision so it could make it on the ballot-Absolutely!  Did someone like me step up and tell them that the CATLC would need “unobstructed visibility into the counties finances” to make an informed decision-Yup.  (on 11/23).
  4. The commission decided that they need to raise our phone bills by around $1.40 per phone per month to pay for 911 equipment upgrades.  Where did this number come from?  Nobody knows.  What if it doesn’t pass?  Again…nobody knows.  Who monitors the spending of the 911 budget?  From my past research I can tell you that basically nobody does.  As long as there’s money, they’ll spend it and unless it’s on fitness gear nobody is going to stop them.

There is an easy way to deal with the level of misinformation that we’re receiving from the county.  Just Vote NO!


Vote No on the 911 Millage!

Vote No on the Operating Millage!

Vote No to the folks on this list and send them packing!  

Run for office and make our county a better place!

As long as Plowman is running the finance committee the answer is, and will always be No.


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