Who Loses in This Years Budget? [Updated]

The 2015 detailed budget has been posted to the county website.  Click Here to View It.  I really appreciate whoever posted it!

You may also 2014 Detailed Adopted Budget.  Thanks to the County Clerk for helping out with my FOIA request.

So who are the big losers in this years budget?

  • Veterans! – but only a little.  As you will see in the two budgets above when the veterans millage passed, the county took back the $30,000 that they were contributing to veterans programs.  (Thankfully, that’s a lot less than I initially thought.)
  • The Sheriffs Department-What would have happen if the county managed to pass that 2.5 million dollar Sheriff’s millage?  They would have used the same trick as above and been 1 million dollars richer.  One commissioner told me that was the plan.  Since their plan didn’t work, I believe our commission is trying to force us to go without Road Patrol coverage until we give them what they want.  This isn’t about adequate funding.  This is about greed!

Who wins?  Well a bunch of county commissioners get to keep their healthcare, and the county ends up on track to stuffing $413,000 into their savings while our children are put at risk.

What have we learned here?  Never vote yes on another County millage againNot until our government can convince us that they are working in our best interest, and not stuffing their own piggybank.  Every commissioner who voted for this budget must go!  If someone would like to start a recall effort I will help you in every way that I can.  Just let me know…

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